Remote participation

Live transcription and writeups can bring some of SRCCON to you.

It’s important to us to keep SRCCON small enough to feel friendly and conversational, but we also care about getting the ideas and conversations that take place at SRCCON into the wider world. The most important way this happens is when attendees return to their home newsrooms and put their new skills and approaches to work, but we are also documenting SRCCON as extensively as possible.


Our live-captioning team transcribed about half the sessions at SRCCON this year. Live streams were available during these sessions, and links to the cleaned-up archives appear below.

Thursday sessions

9:30amWelcome to SRCCON
10-11:15amHow do we change our minds anyway?
10-11:15amAre you Hamilton or Burr? How to benignly manipulate the people around you
10-11:15amPractical approaches for creating software to cover democracy
11:45am-1pmUsing and Abusing Typography: How Social Video Is Playing Games With Your Heart
11:45am-1pmCandyland, Catan and Codenames — Oh My! Navigate Roadblocks in Small Newsrooms With Games
11:45am-1pmNews products: How to design, launch, and iterate something worth paying for
3-4:15pmLocal data journalism still matters (and we can make it better!)
3-4:15pmLet's be better security trainers together
3-4:15pmMy Life In the Bush of Platforms
4:45-6pmGreasing the wheels of inter-newsroom collaboration
4:45-6pmToward better metaphors: Accessible and inclusive ways to explain technical work
4:45-6pmHow do we protect our users' privacy?

Friday sessions

10-11:15amnew sNerdFluxkit (2017): inspiration and provocations for people who make interactives
10-11:15amWhy you are part of the filter bubble problem and what you can do about it
10-11:15amFinding a better way to test skills while hiring
11:45am-1pmGoals and Roles: Explicit is better than implicit
11:45am-1pmTeachers' Lounge: Talking Tips and Strategies for Effective Teaching to Groups
11:45am-1pmSwitching CMSes
2:30-3:45pmThis just in... You can plan for breaking news
2:30-3:45pmMaking climate change personal
4:15-5:30pmCode Across America: Working with local Code for America brigades to find local stories
4:15-5:30pmLet's Talk About Death 💀


In the leadup to SRCCON 2017, we’re featuring a selection of sessions from last year’s conference on Source. Those write-ups include transcripts and audio when we have them, and brand-new interviews with the session facilitators. You can keep up with the series at SRCCON Spotlight.

During and after this year’s SRCCON, we’ll also have a documentation team writing up session summaries, collecting resource lists, and more. We’ll publish everything on Source in the weeks that follow the conference, and also collect write-ups and blog posts from attendees.

Transcription at SRCCON is made possible by Facebook